Authors - Czech Yearbook of International Law published in New York


Czech Yearbook of International Law published in New York

Modern Czech jurisprudence can boast a unique project that, in aim and reach, extends far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. In April 2010, New York’s Juris Publishing published the first Czech Yearbook of International Law (CYIL), edited by Professor Alexander J. Bělohlávek, Faculty of Economics, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, in cooperation with Naděžda Rozehnalová, the Dean of the Law Faculty, Masaryk University, Brno.

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CYIL offers a sweeping presentation of academic jurisprudence and practice in Central and Eastern Europe from a comprehensive transregional perspective. The individual contributions relate to topical issues of international public and private law and, in this regard, to aspects of European and constitutional law. Contributors include experts from prestigious institutions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, who are represented on the advisory and editorial board.

Substantive and procedural law
The CYIL concentrates on both substantive and procedural law, touching on all aspects of legal relations with an international element. The objective at all times has been to expound themes which are globally as topical as possible while presenting a meeting of legal cultures conditioned by different historical and social developments.

The publication of this yearbook is also an exceptional historical event. Since 1990, the Czech Republic has lacked a high-quality journal of this kind. The CYIL is proof that many outstanding experts in international law can be found in the Czech Republic.

According to information available to Alexander J. Bělohlávek, all 4,000 copies of the first edition of the CYIL have already been distributed. The editors now envisage at least two reprints for ordinary retail sale and for sponsorship purposes. Several thousand CYIL yearbooks have been delivered to libraries, prominent academic centres and directly to selected employees at home and abroad.

Yearbook to sponsor largest law congresses

“The Czech Yearbook of International Law will go platinum this year as the largest sponsor of the world’s top three legal conferences,” said Professor Bělohlávek. “July's Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law in Washington, the Hague Academy of International Law in August, and October’s IBA Congress in Vancouver, which unlike the first two congresses is more focused on legal practice and projects the attendance of about 6,000 lawyers from all over world,” added Professor Bělohlávek.

As was observed at the Yearbook launch in Ostrava on 9 June 2010, the main presentation of this publication can be found on the Internet. “We registered over 280 second-level domains, eventually choosing about 40, which are now redirected to our website at,” said Professor Bělohlávek, co-author of the Yearbook project, financed exclusively from private project sources earmarked for scientific research purposes.

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Czech Yearbook of International Law
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