A Juris Conferences Seventh Annual Investment Treaty Arbitration Conference: A Debate and Discussion

 On·April dsc0088922, 2013 the Juris Conferences organized already 7th Investment Treaty Arbitration Conference, this time focusing on Investor- State Dispute resolution in the Energy Sector. The   project of the Czech Yearbook was proudly shielding this event as its platinum sponsor. This conference is somewhat unique by its concept. The Co-Chairs (Ian Lard, Borzu Sabahi, Fréderic Sourgens and Todd Weiler) always invite for each section prospective newcomers or young lawyers as authors of the main contributions to argue a given position against each other and a panel of senior fellows and seasoned professionals who continue the discussion after the presentation of the contributions.

The Conference was divided in four sections. The first one dealt with the topic: Energy Sector, investment Arbitration and the ECT: Carving out a Special Regime?· and as the speakers presented their thoughts Kabir A.N. Duggal and Teale Toweill.

The second morning session dealt with dsc00895topic: Energy Contracts and BITs-It is Fair and Equitable to be under the Umbrella? As the speakers were invited Sabrina Bandali and Louis-Philippe Coulombe.

The Third Session was focused on Multiparty investor disputes in the energy Sector and their thoughts presented Teddy Baldwin and Sarah Farnham.


The Final session focused on calculation of Damages in energy disputes and the speakers were Micholas J. Birch and Joshua Simmons.

The conference was perfectly executed, the speakers were chosen with great care and the overall impression of this event is getting better and better each year.

Michael and Candice: organisational team which made it possibleFor those who are interested in this globally important problematic and would like to share their thoughts with the top professionals involved in this issues on their day-to-day basis same as to learn something new and obtain new contacts, I shall recommend this event. I am personally looking forward for the upcoming year.