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Did you find the articles interesting? Would you like to respond to current article or contribute to future volumes? We are seeking authors for both the Czech Yearbook of International Law® (CYIL) and the Czech (& Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration® (CYArb®).

Next to the articles section, you are warmly invited to provide also contribution(s) to other sections of each of Yearbooks, including the case law section (also focused on the main topic of each of the Yearbooks), Book Reviews section or News and Reports section.

Please feel free to contact the editorial team via with a title and short abstract of your article so we could evaluate it and decide on its publication.

 After the evaluation, a member of the editorial team shall contact you to discuss the date of delivery of the final article and execution of the publishing agreement. The article manuscripts are subject to revision by native speakers and editors with legal education to meet the language and professional quality.

The Editorial Boards of the Czech Yearbooks Project have already approved the main topics for 2016 / 2017 volumes:

CYIL 2016International Dispute Resolution

Papers published in the previous editions of the CYIL focused primarily on issues of substantive law. The 2016 volume aims to concentrate on proceedings with an international dimension and the specific features thereof in terms of private law and public law. Hence, our attention will be devoted to purely private disputes, disputes involving states and state agencies, as well as disputes which are the exclusive domain of public law, primarily public international law. Papers should deal with procedural issues, despite the fact that this edition of our yearbook will not be limited to procedural matters. We therefore aim to focus also on the specifics of the application of substantive law in proceedings with an international dimension, the issue of personal status (personal law), etc. We intend to identify and analyse the specific features of proceedings regarding international disputes as well as the current trends in conflict resolution.

CYArb 2016Rights and Duties of Parties in Arbitration

The 2016 volume of the CYArb® yearbook will concentrate on the status of parties in arbitration, together with the status of the other individuals and entities involved in the proceedings (except arbitrators), such as third parties in the proceedings (intervenor, amicus curiae). Papers dealing with the special status of expert witnesses and witnesses among others, primarily as regards their connection to the parties and the rights and duties of the parties, will also be appreciated. However, our editorial team is also expecting essays from academicians as well as practitioners regarding parties’ counsels, including their special status in arbitration as opposed to litigation (court proceedings) and as opposed to proceedings conducted by other public authorities.

CYIL 2017Application and Interpretation of International Treaties

The editorial team and the publisher have intentionally chosen a very broad topic. The application and interpretation of international treaties is dealt with in many publications and within the voluminous international and national case law. Nonetheless, since the topic continues to generate much controversy, an open discussion is indispensable. Our objective is to analyse the day-to-day application of international treaties from the procedural perspective (in various private- and public-law proceedings), in contractual practice and elsewhere. We also welcome articles focusing on international treaties in connection with the rules applied in regional integration organizations, including the European Union, in connection with the interpretation practice employed by international organizations and others.

CYArb 2017Conduct of Arbitration

This volume of the CYArb® will be devoted to the methods and procedures of hearing disputes, including the examination of evidence. Our aim is to focus primarily but not exclusively on procedural differences between arbitration and litigation. The nature and, above all, the effects of arbitral awards bring arbitration closer to decisions rendered by courts and other public authorities. However, the contractual autonomy of the parties and arbitrators and the variability of the standards used in arbitration offer a great potential that is not always fully exploited. The team of authors therefore wishes to analyse this autonomy and the flexibility of arbitration and include this potential in the broader discussion introduced in the seventh volume of the CYArb®.

Materials needed for the preparation of the contribution:

Article Guidelines & Sample Citation Form downloadable here

A handbook for authors and translators in the European Commission here

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement downloadable here