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On the Availability of Counterclaims in Investment Treaty Arbitration
Halonen, Laura
Lalive, Pierre
page 141 - 156
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Law Applicable to the Merits of International Arbitration and Current Developments in European Private International Law: Conflict-of-laws Rules and the Applicability of the Rome Convention, Rome I Regulation and Other EU Law Standards in International Ar
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 25 - 46
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Application of Law in Arbitration, Ex Aequo et Bono and Amiable Compositeur
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 25 - 52
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The Nature of the Burden and Standard of Proof in International Commercial Arbitration
Makarius, Vít
page 53 - 70
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The Law Applicable to Arbitration Agreements – „Lex Arbitri“ or „Lex Causae“ of the Principal Contract?
Drličková, Klára
page 71 - 88
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Is Lex Mercatoria Jeopardizing the Application of Substantive Law?
Shmatenko, Leonid
page 89 - 108
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Determination of Substantive law by International Commercial Arbitration in Russian law, ICAC Rules and Arbitration Practice
Bardina, Marina P.
page 123 - 146
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Does EU Law Impact an Arbitrator’s Independence and Impartiality?
Dermendjiev, Ivaylo
page 75 - 92
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Law applicable to international carriage: EU law and international treaties
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 27 - 60
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