At What Price Competition? A View on the Role of Competition in the Development and Stability of Banking Markets with Reference to the EU
Burketová, Veronika
page 39 - 61
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International Trade Economic Measures Applied in Slovakia
Nováčková, Daniela
page 143 - 157
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Can the Welfare State Be Lean?
Mates, Pavel
Šmíd, Jan
page 303 -326
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Legal Issues in Electronic procurement and International transportation
Antonov, Jaroslav Valerievich
page 3 - 26
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Air Transport as a Tool for Regional Development in Central and Eastern EU Countries – the Chances and Challenges of the Public Service Obligation
Kociubiński, Jakub
page 129 - 148
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Can Arbitral Tribunals Seek the Support of National Courts to Obtain a Preliminary Ruling by the CJEU in Matters Involving EU Competition Law?
Potocnik, Corinna
Sippel, Harald
Willheim, Johannes
page 179 - 194
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