Contractual Choice of Forum in International Investment Arbitration
Czepelak, Marcin
page 47 - 72
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Budgetary Legal Consequences of Breaching the Terms of Investment Incentives
Marková, Hana
Zajíčková, Miroslava
page 157 - 170
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A Few Observations on Choice of Law
Rozehnalová, Naděžda
Valdhans, Jiří
page 3 - 24
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The Law Applicable to the Contract of Carriage under the Rome I Regulation
Czepelak, Marcin
page 47 - 68
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Problems of Slovak Labour Law in Relation to Community Law Requirements
Barancová, Helena
page 69 - 80
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Principles of European Insurance Contract Law in Comparison with Czech Law on Insurance Contracts
Dobiáš, Petr
page 111 - 125
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Autonomy in B2C Arbitration: Is the European Model of Consumer Protection Really Adequate?
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 17 - 41
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Autonomy of the Arbitration Agreement: Danger of Broad Interpretation
Anurov, Vasily N.
page 3 - 15
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Liability and Independence of the Arbitrator
Maisner, Martin
page 149 - 169
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Liability of Arbitrators - Judicial Immunity versus Contractual Liability
Knief, Inken
Pörnbacher, Karl
page 211 - 230
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Party Autonomy under the 2012 ICC Arbitration Rules
Steindl, Barbara Helene
page 231 - 251
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The Law Applicable to Arbitration Agreements – „Lex Arbitri“ or „Lex Causae“ of the Principal Contract?
Drličková, Klára
page 71 - 88
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The Impartiality of Arbitrators in the Italian System considering the Code of Civil Procedure and Arbitration Institutional Rules
Fonseca, Elena Zucconi Galli
Rasia, Carlo
page 115 - 132
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Construction Dispute Boards
Klee, Lukáš
Nový, Daniel
page 171 - 184
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The Role of the UNIDROIT in the Unification of International Commercial Law with a specific focus on the Principles of International Commercial Contracts
Nový, Zdeněk
page 341 - 366
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