Conflicts of Interest in Arbitration: The News from the Russian Federation
Guglya, Leonila
page 107 - 122
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Reflections on Arbitration Proceedings: A Chance for Dispute Resolution Missed Forever?
Hučková, Regina
Suchoža, Josef
page 161 - 182
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Legal mechanisms of E-justice for Ensuring Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators in Light of International Practice
Antonov, Jaroslav Valerievich
page 3 - 24
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Liability of Arbitrators
Bagnaru, Alina Mioara Cobuz
page 25 - 46
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Subjective and Objective Impartiality of Arbitrators and Appointing Authorities as a Part of Procedural Public Policy (Ordre Public) in Arbitration
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 47 - 74
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Does EU Law Impact an Arbitrator’s Independence and Impartiality?
Dermendjiev, Ivaylo
page 75 - 92
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The Distinctive Features of Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators in Insurance Matters
Dobiáš, Petr
page 93 - 114
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The Impartiality of Arbitrators in the Italian System considering the Code of Civil Procedure and Arbitration Institutional Rules
Fonseca, Elena Zucconi Galli
Rasia, Carlo
page 115 - 132
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The Partiality of Arbitrators
Havlíček, Jan
page 133 - 150
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The Influence of Violation of the Independence and Impartiality Rules on the Enforceability and Effectiveness of the Arbitral Award
Jelonek-Jarco, Barbara
Zawadzka, Julita
page 151 - 170
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Double requirement or double standard? A comparison of arbitrators’ independence and impartiality with that of state court judges in Austria and Germany
Sippel, Harald
page 207 - 228
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Independence and impartiality of arbitrators and mediators – The Castor and Pollux of the ADR world?
Svatoš, Martin
page 229 - 248
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The Challenge of Arbitrators and the Impact on the Functioning of Arbitral Tribunals
Vassilakakis, Evangelos
page 249 - 266
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Challenge procedure in institutional and ad hoc arbitration under the new regulations in the revised UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules
Zahradníková, Radka
page 267 - 286
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