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Law Applicable to the Merits of International Arbitration and Current Developments in European Private International Law: Conflict-of-laws Rules and the Applicability of the Rome Convention, Rome I Regulation and Other EU Law Standards in International Ar
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 25 - 46
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The Law Applicable to the Contract of Carriage under the Rome I Regulation
Czepelak, Marcin
page 47 - 68
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Overriding Mandatory Rules and Czech Law
Pauknerová, Monika
page 81 - 94
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Public Order (Ordre Public) and Norms of Jus Cogens
Mrázek, Josef
page 79 - 100
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Public Order in the Practice of Russian Courts
Viktorova, Natalia
page 101 - 115
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Public Policy (Ordre Public), Mandatory Norms and Evasion of Law in Ukrainian Private International Law
Merezhko, Oleksandr
page 149 - 159
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Public Policy and Public Interest in International Law and EU Law
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 117 - 147
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Waiver of Annulment Action in Arbitration: Progressive Development Globally, Realities in and Perspectives for the Russian Federation (Different Beds - Similar Dreams?)
Guglya, Leonila
page 81 - 105
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A Few Thoughts on the new Common European Sales Law
Černý, Filip
Havlíček, Jan
Hrnčiříková, Miluše
page 123 - 142
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The Scope of Mandatory Provisions of Procedural and Substantive Law Binding Upon a Court of Arbitration
Kubas, Andrzej
Zawicki, Kamil
page 3 - 24
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Application of Law in Arbitration, Ex Aequo et Bono and Amiable Compositeur
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 25 - 52
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The Impact of CMR on Multimodal Transport
Lojda, Jiří
page 149 - 168
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