A Few Observations on Choice of Law
Rozehnalová, Naděžda
Valdhans, Jiří
page 3 - 24
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The Law Applicable to the Contract of Carriage under the Rome I Regulation
Czepelak, Marcin
page 47 - 68
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Overriding Mandatory Rules and Czech Law
Pauknerová, Monika
page 81 - 94
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Public Order (Ordre Public) and Norms of Jus Cogens
Mrázek, Josef
page 79 - 100
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Connecting the Dots: Attracting Foreign Direct Investment through Harmonisation of European Insolvency Law
Moškvan, Dominik
Vrbová, Veronika
page 49 - 68
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Regulation of Financial Markets and Money Laundering: Contemporary Trends in European and International Cooperation
Bělohlávek, Alexander J.
page 91 - 104
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Liability of Arbitrators
Bagnaru, Alina Mioara Cobuz
page 25 - 46
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Legal Regulation of and Influence of International Institutions on Financial Markets
Bakeš, Milan
Kohajda, Michael
page 87 - 98
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Can the Welfare State Be Lean?
Mates, Pavel
Šmíd, Jan
page 303 -326
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Saving National Airlines?
Horník, Jiří
page 61 - 94
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A Carrier’s liability under the contract for international air transportation of passengers and luggage: an analysis of international treaties and applicable domestic law
Kasatkina, Aleksandra Sergeevna
page 95 - 110
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Arbitrator vs. Judge
Fonseca, Elena Zucconi Galli
Rasia, Carlo
page 291 - 310
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